Share your knowledge with clarity and confidence.

Bespoke voice coaching and presentation training for academic staff.

WHY we’re here

We believe that sharing knowledge should be a joyful and liberating experience.

We know that teaching is both physically and mentally demanding, especially in an era of education where academics are constantly subject to student feedback.

We believe academics need and deserve specific training to improve and develop their vocal technique and presentation skills, so they can lecture free from voice loss, vocal strain and anxiety.

HOW we do it

We combine our knowledge of actor training, narrative structure and sports coaching, to provide academics with personalised and bespoke training.

We share exercises and techniques with our clients in a supportive, encouraging and relaxed manner. We want our training to be enjoyable as well as useful!

We aim to be as accessible as possible, working both online and in-person, and adapting to any needs our clients have.

WHAT we do


We provide 1-on-1 coaching for individual academics, looking to improve the clarity, strength and tone of their voice, as well as their confidence.


We deliver group training workshops online and in-person, for academic staff all over the world.


We create bespoke training packages for university departments, to ensure their staff are well equipped for the challenges of teaching.

WHAT we cover

We tailor sessions to your particular needs but common areas that we cover include:

  • Voice projection and being heard
  • Reducing vocal strain or voice loss
  • Improving vocal clarity, articulation and pronunciation
  • Posture and physical presence
  • Using narrative structure to create engaging material
  • Teaching online
  • Countering nerves and anxiety before a lecture, presentation or interview.


“A real investment in my career”

I really enjoy the sessions and am getting more compliments from colleagues about my presentation skills as a result.

Faith, University of Portsmouth

“Very impressive”

Fabulous teacher! … really enjoyed it.

King’s Business School

“Really useful”

Two and half months after our last session, I know my voice projects better than most others in a room.

Bruce, King’s College London

“User-friendly and flexible”

A really useful, user-friendly and flexible package which could benefit all sorts of people in any walk of life.

Alison, Royal Holloway UoL

“Really helpful”

Really helpful and interesting… Very useful… It was great, thank you!

Department of International Development, King’s College London

“Very helpful exercises to build up some confidence in your own voice”

Really good session. The breathing exercises were really useful.

Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology, University of Lincoln

“Really enjoyed and got a lot out of the sessions”

Not only did I have fun, but I also learnt a range of useful techniques.

Maud, King’s College London

WHO we’ve worked with

We’ve run individual and group sessions at all of the following organisations:


Basingstoke, Hampshire
United Kingdom